Other Businesses

Dannon Group is proud to have a diverse portfolio of businesses that cater to various industries and sectors. Here is an overview of the other businesses owned by Dannon Group:

Dannon MBI (dannonmbi.com): Dannon MBI is a leading provider of innovative ICT biometric solutions. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, Dannon MBI offers a range of services including identity verification, biometric authentication, and secure data management. By leveraging advanced biometric technologies, Dannon MBI delivers reliable and secure solutions to enhance identity management processes.

Dannon Benin (dannonbenin.com): Dannon Benin is a subsidiary of Dannon Group that operates in Benin. Specializing in ICT biometric services, Dannon Benin offers comprehensive solutions for identity verification, data management, and secure authentication. With a commitment to excellence, Dannon Benin aims to contribute to the digital transformation and enhance security measures in Benin.

Dannon Gambia (dannongambia.com): Dannon Gambia, another subsidiary of Dannon Group, is a prominent provider of ICT biometric services in Gambia. By utilizing advanced biometric technologies, Dannon Gambia offers solutions for identity verification, secure access control, and data management. With a customer-centric approach, Dannon Gambia strives to enhance security and efficiency in various sectors of the Gambian economy.

Dannon Niger (dannonniger.com): Dannon Niger is a key business entity within Dannon Group that focuses on ICT biometric services in Niger. With a strong emphasis on identity management and secure authentication, Dannon Niger delivers cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses and government agencies in Niger. By leveraging advanced biometric technologies, Dannon Niger aims to enhance security and streamline identity verification processes.

Emperion (emperion.com.ng): Emperion is a subsidiary of Dannon Group that specializes in providing innovative technology solutions. With a focus on digital transformation, Emperion offers services such as software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure management. By leveraging the power of technology, Emperion helps businesses achieve their digital goals and optimize their operations.

PAIC Limited (paiclimited.com): PAIC Limited is a business entity within Dannon Group that focuses on project management and consulting services. PAIC Limited offers expertise in areas such as infrastructure development, strategic planning, and process optimization. With a commitment to delivering exceptional results, PAIC Limited assists organizations in achieving their project objectives and driving sustainable growth.

Upstream Marine Solutions (upstreammarinesolutions.com): Upstream Marine Solutions is a subsidiary of Dannon Group that specializes in providing marine services and solutions. With a focus on the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, Upstream Marine Solutions offers services such as vessel chartering, offshore logistics, and maritime consultancy. With a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency, Upstream Marine Solutions supports the operations of companies involved in offshore exploration and production.

These businesses within the Dannon Group collectively contribute to the group’s vision of leveraging technology to drive innovation, enhance security, and deliver value across various sectors and regions.